What People Are Saying

“Spyros made me more passionate about photography!”

Colleen Geishart

“I love to learn photography from someone who seems to love it even more than I do.”

Jesse Haney

“Spyros’s passion for photography is phenomenal!”

Rita Olson

“Spyros’s enthusiasm made it easy to try the unknown. I now look at things in a different way.”

Judy Theis

What’s In It For You?

Exclusively For Committed Photographers

My time, just like yours, is precious and limited. I will help those who are committed, and those who show their commitment and join the community will always receive priority treatment.

Get Answers to your questions

Post your questions to our private Google+ community and get expert answers to your photography questions from me and other members.

Submit photos for a Video Critique

Only photos submitted through the Google+ Community will be selected for an in depth video critique on my YouTube Channel.

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