Become A Master At Posing Your Models/Clients

Get Your Posing Cheat Sheet Posing is one of the biggest challenges that portrait photographers struggle with. In this video I share my #1 posing tip for photographers and explain why shooting self portraits will make you a better photographer. I used to be scared of...

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Four Ways To Trigger Off Camera/Wireless Flash

Conquer Flash Photography Working with your flash on camera is great, but things get REALLY fun when you take your flash off the camera. The biggest advantage is just being able to put the flash wherever you want it, but it gets better, because you can also use pretty...

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Steal This Lighting! See Exactly How I Shot This Photo

Get Your Free Lighting Diagram Most photographers protects their lighting setups like trade secrets but in this new series I’ll be taking some of my favorite photos and showing you exactly how I set up and shot them, including all my lighting and camera settings! I...

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DIY $1 Flag For Greater Flash Control

Flash photography is all about choosing where you do, and where you don’t want light, and one of the most valuable tools for keeping light out of areas you don’t want it is the flag. The flag is one of the simplest, and most useful flash modifiers, and what’s even...

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DIY Flash Diffuser For Under $1

We’ve got Gary Fong Lightspheres, Fstoppers flash discs, MagMods, Flashbenders and Lightscoops and not one of them costs under $50, but what if you could get better diffusion for less than $1? You can, and today I’ll show you how easy it is. I used to be scared of my...

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What A Brilliant Composition! | Critique 081

Free Killer Composition Guide Submit For Critique Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode Check out Nicholas on Facebook Wow. Just wow. Today’s photo comes from Nicholas Souvatzis and it is BRILLIANT! Here’s Nicholas’s Photo Nicholas says of his photo: This is a photo I took...

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