Giant Lens For Smartphone!

TO ENTER THE DRAWING, GO TO YOUTUBE AND LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE VIDEO Click here to go to my YouTube Channel Look at this thing! It’s kind of ridiculous, but who cares how it looks if it works, so the question is, does this giant lens for my smartphone work, and if it...

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6 Common Photography Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

We all make mistakes, and part of learning and growing as a photographer is about making mistakes and learning from them, but, if you know some of the most common photography mistakes, you can save yourself some time and effort and grow a little bit faster and learn a...

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Lensbaby For Video – An Amazing Creative Tool

I’ve never used a Lensbaby before, and boy is it an amazing tool for getting you out of your comfort zone and forcing you to think creatively! What I love about it is that a Lensbaby lens can give your video that extra bit of something that will make it stand out from...

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Best Metering Mode To Use In ANY Situation

Get Your Free Metering Mode Guide What’s the best metering mode to use? I get asked this question ALL THE TIME, so today I’m going to break it down and explain what I think the best metering mode to use is, and how to choose the best metering mode to use no matter...

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