Your gear doesn’t matter! What does is knowing how to use it, and I’ll show you how!

Lensbaby For Video – An Amazing Creative Tool

I’ve never used a Lensbaby before, and boy is it an amazing tool for getting you out of your comfort zone and forcing you to think creatively! What I love about it is that a Lensbaby lens can give your video that extra bit of something that will make it stand out from...

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Best Metering Mode To Use In ANY Situation

Get Your Free Metering Mode Guide What’s the best metering mode to use? I get asked this question ALL THE TIME, so today I’m going to break it down and explain what I think the best metering mode to use is, and how to choose the best metering mode to use no matter...

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I Did The Michaels Challenge!

Go subscribe to Pierre's channel! I Did The Michaels Challenge! Lots of people obsess over the fact that they need a studio of some sort to shoot in. I get it, I love my studio, but YOU DON'T NEED A STUDIO. All you need is a vision, some creativity and a sense of...

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Unboxing My First DSLR

NO CHEATING! Comment BEFORE I open it and let me know what you think is in the box! Unboxing My First DSLR!!! By that I mean the FIRST DSLR I EVER HAD!! Why? Well, as photographers we easily get obsessed by the latest and greatest gear. Nikon D850, Sony A7RIII,...

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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

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