Why EVERY Photographer Should Learn Flash

Get your quickstart flash photography guide I think EVERY photographer should learn flash photography! But you’re thinking, “I’m a natural light photographer.” or, “I don’t believe in artificial light” Or, “flash photography is really intimidating.” I get it, I’ve...

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6 Photoshop CC Tips For Faster Editing

Get your guide to faster editing Most of us don’t want to spend our time in front of the computer, and you can minimize that time with these 6 Photoshop CC tips for faster editing! With these hacks you can speed up your editing and be WAY more efficient at getting...

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3 Reasons More Megapixels Are Bad

Are more megapixels better? The truth is, it depends, but today I’ve got 3 reasons why more megapixels are bad for you! Camera manufacturers seem to think so as they keep cramming more and more onto their sensor, but the truth is, more megapixels is not the answer,...

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Become A Master At Posing Your Models/Clients

Get Your Posing Cheat Sheet Posing is one of the biggest challenges that portrait photographers struggle with. In this video I share my #1 posing tip for photographers and explain why shooting self portraits will make you a better photographer. I used to be scared of...

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Four Ways To Trigger Off Camera/Wireless Flash

Conquer Flash Photography Working with your flash on camera is great, but things get REALLY fun when you take your flash off the camera. The biggest advantage is just being able to put the flash wherever you want it, but it gets better, because you can also use pretty...

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Steal This Lighting! See Exactly How I Shot This Photo

Get Your Free Lighting Diagram Most photographers protects their lighting setups like trade secrets but in this new series I’ll be taking some of my favorite photos and showing you exactly how I set up and shot them, including all my lighting and camera settings! I...

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