Lightroom Tutorial: Spot Healing Tool

Lightroom’s spot healing tool is very powerful, if you know how to use it, but it also has some limitations. In this video I’ll explain how it works, how you can use it, and what to watch out for when using this...

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I LOVE THIS TEXTURE! | Critique 073

Get your free guide to killer compositions Submit your photo for critique I’ve really missed these critique videos, and we’re back with another with a GORGEOUS photo submitted by Helen Thompson. Helen on Facebook Here are the Photo Details: Sony A7r11 in Manual. ISO...

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Super Simple Trick For Perfect Colors In Your Photos

Get your free Custom White Balance Cheat Sheet: White Balance is a great tool for making sure the colors in your photos are perfect, but more often than not, the pre set white balance options on your camera won’t do a very good job. So I...

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