Your gear doesn’t matter! What does is knowing how to use it, and I’ll show you how!

5 Ways To Use V Flats (Photography Lighting)

Get my free flash photography quick start guide V Flats are GREAT tools for controlling and creating light, and in this video I want to show you 5 different ways you can use V Flats for photography lighting to create amazing portraits and photos! If you still need to...

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Special Announcement and A GIVEAWAY!

Be the first to know when the course is released To enter either (or both) giveaways (WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED 10/05/2018): Follow both of us on Instagram: Spyros, Noelle Then to enter Noelle’s giveaway, visit her instagram post and leave a comment letting us know...

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5 Tips To Keep Your Creative Portrait Ideas Flowing

Today I’ve got 5 tips to keep your creative portrait ideas flowing Tip #1 Be on the lookout for inspiration EVERYWHERE. Whether it’s video, other photographers, music, other art, a pattern you see in clothing, a material, a lyric, or a book, the entire world is FULL...

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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

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