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Auto ISO, What Is It And How To Use It

Learn more about how ISO works Auto ISO is a great tool in your toolkit as a photographer, but it can also be both confusing, and a bit detrimental to your growth as a photographer. The first problem is understanding when to use Auto ISO. The answer to that hinges on...

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Drunken Photo Master! (Storytime)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you decide the story is too good to share! So this year I went to WPPI, which was my first time attending, and my first time in Las Vegas, and shenanigans were had! I met some wonderful people, shot some amazing photos, and...

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Photoshop Speed Edit – Anubis God Of The Dead

Would you like to see a step by step tutorial of how this was done? If so leave a comment and let me know! I shot this image at the Wrath of the Gods photography event organized by Evie Kalmar. Model Haley Grace had this AMAZING Anubis bodypaint done by Otto Ott, and...

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Fixed Aperture Zoom Lens | These Are Awesome!

Get your FREE Guide to Understanding Aperture What the heck is a fixed aperture zoom lens, and what does “fixed aperture” mean anyway? And why are fixed aperture zoom lenses so awesome? Everyone is always going on about aperture, and for good reason, as it’s one of...

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Giant Lens For Smartphone!

TO ENTER THE DRAWING, GO TO YOUTUBE AND LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE VIDEO Click here to go to my YouTube Channel Look at this thing! It’s kind of ridiculous, but who cares how it looks if it works, so the question is, does this giant lens for my smartphone work, and if it...

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6 Common Photography Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

We all make mistakes, and part of learning and growing as a photographer is about making mistakes and learning from them, but, if you know some of the most common photography mistakes, you can save yourself some time and effort and grow a little bit faster and learn a...

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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

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